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Um, actually, you’re not such a ‘nice guy’

An acquaintance of mine was speaking about #metoo and the Aziz Ansari story about the grey area where men pester until a woman gives grudging consent. She proferred that all men have been guilty of putting this pressure on women, … Continue reading

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Please no piss play palaver

Look, I know this “Russian hookers golden shower show” news is funny but let’s keep eyes and ears open please. There’s lots and lots of news happening today/this week: confirmation hearings, nepotism, justice being served in SC… way too much … Continue reading

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Gender is a social construct — everywhere

Today I learned (again, some more) that “gender is a social construct”!! Bangladesh has now recognized Hijras as a third gender, neither male nor female, as they self-identify. (I tried to verify this news to the best of my ability, … Continue reading

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