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Reporting ‘sexual assault by a child’? Your racism is showing

CW: angry but nonviolent racial confrontation, gentrification, traumatized kids This one is close to home, literally, as it happened very near the neighborhood I’ve lived in for about 10 years. Strident white lady immediately dubbed “Cornerstore Caroline” seems to call … Continue reading

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Um, actually, you’re not such a ‘nice guy’

An acquaintance of mine was speaking about #metoo and the Aziz Ansari story about the grey area where men pester until a woman gives grudging consent. She proferred that all men have been guilty of putting this pressure on women, … Continue reading

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Rape is rape, even when the victim is male and the assailant isn’t

Equal rights real talk: Some women disregard consent, commit domestic violence and sexually manipulate/control men. That is rape. (article: “When a guy is “made to penetrate” a female, is it rape? Long-suffering male victims are turning to Reddit to break … Continue reading

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