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Where I was when the (Roll) Tide turned

Tonight I had the honor of being in the audience for Taylor Mac’s Holiday Sauce show at Town Hall. It was a magnificent show, as to be expected. I can speak more about that another time. But when the transcendent … Continue reading

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The Bride of Frankenstein is a proto feminist icon

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Last night, I watched the final scene of Bride of Frankenstein. Can you believe the Bride only appears in the final 5 minutes? Within mere minutes, Elsa Lanchester created an indelible character — literally an instant worldwide icon. … Continue reading

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Homegrown Nazi sympathizers flourish in the Garden

Essential: Please watch this short film of a “pro-American” rally at Madison Square Garden in 1939. Yeah, it’s horrifying to see swastika iconography flanking a hagiographic George Washington; explicit calls for the formal establishment of strictly white, gentile control of … Continue reading

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Still “tired of hearing about the damn emails”?

Regarding the instantly infamous leak of DNC emails: I just can’t be upset about the DNC personnel wanting to run the game for a lifetime team-playing Democrat, versus a long-time, strongly self-identified Independent who just recently decided he wanted to … Continue reading

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Treating erotic dancers like carnival games is apparently normal in Alberta

It’s a looney game all right. Apparently in Alberta, Canada, local laws separate nude dancers from patrons by 1 meter. As a workaround, patrons toss 1- and 2-dollar coins at the dancers. Sometimes, these tosses are far from gentle. In … Continue reading

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Versailles – Aug. 7 2015

Me and a few thousand international friends thought it would be a good idea to check out Chateau de Versailles, the iconic grand palace and grounds, built by the Sun King, Louis XIV, in the late 1600s, then transformed in … Continue reading

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Confederate battle flag has no place in government or polite society, period. Looks like we’re (nearly) all about to stop pretending it does.

Confederate flag rants roundup post! Yay! Oh South Carolina state flag, looks like you are finally going to lose your status as “most bullshit official government banner in America” — and that honor will pass to Mississippi, forever the butt … Continue reading

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