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Lost & Found — NYC style

Another “I don’t need this kind of excitement” slice of NYC life story! Tonight I was delighted to meet up with Gordon W before his gig at Mona’s. I’ve had a rather intense workday and the thought of having a … Continue reading

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Yom Kippur thoughts 2014

Today is Yom Kippur and it’s almost over. Sunset is coming and I haven’t eaten in a full 24 hours. Please judge this spontaneous essay with appropriate compassion. Some of you are Jewish and/or have known me a long time, … Continue reading

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Not my youth

This past weekend, I saw a matinee preview of “This is Our Youth” on Broadway, starring Michael Cera, Kieran Culkin and Tavi Gevinson. It was written by Kenneth Lonergan, whose work I was introduced to with a special screening of … Continue reading

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“How can my snooping friend tell her partner she’s mad about what she found?”

Hello. I just can’t seem to help a friend of mine out. What should she do if she has found out that her boyfriend has created an email account specifically to e-mail a woman she has never approved of him … Continue reading

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“Should I make Christmas cookies early for my terminally ill friend?”

The mother of one of my best friends is dying of cancer. I went with my friend to visit his mom yesterday at hospice. Although she looks well considering, the cancer has spread all through her lymph nodes/brain/liver/lungs, and she … Continue reading

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“How do I tell people they are being rude — politely?”

My girlfriend and I had a housewarming a few weeks ago, and invited a bunch of our friends. The whole event went wonderfully overall, however there was one incident that really rocked me back and I’m not sure how to … Continue reading

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“How do I help a friend in an abusive relationship?”

I have this chick friend who is in a dysfunctional relationship. Her live-in boyfriend is very controlling, belittling, condescending, rude and generally obnoxious to her. She is passive, accommodating, co-dependent, spineless and without out balls. (I love her though.) Part … Continue reading

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