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“If the shoe fits…” no, wait, I mean: “Get some shoes that fit”

Seeing women totter-stomp around in cheap heels they can’t handle gives me the sads. One’s gait, the overall manner of walking, is a woefully underappreciated yet crucial element of personal style, and it starts at ground level. Both you and … Continue reading

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YAY Patricia Arquette !!! (now please check your privilege)

“It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America!” Just assume that anyone who thinks that, during her Oscars acceptance speech, Patricia Arquette had no right or … Continue reading

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The three things I hate most are sexism … (also mansplaining, smugness and aggressively shitty customer service)

My brilliant friend Cindy won’t hesitate to tell you when you’re wonderful — nor when you have something you need to fix. She will especially tell you when you have done something stupid and offensive. She’s very helpful that way. … Continue reading

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Expose this

A friend of mine posted this article, which explains why a graphic artist laughed in the face of Showtime marketing geniuses who suggested he would be thrilled to work for free. Some jerk she knows made several sarcastic and dismissive … Continue reading

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Gender non-conforming, and damn natty about it

I love this story, which highlights a terrific example of social progress, entrepreneurial ingenuity and capitalism all holding hands and marching together toward success. This is so instructive: “Many gender non-conforming people don’t experience themselves as having been born into … Continue reading

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“How do I find a boyfriend?”

I’m totally cute. I’m fun. I’ve got at least two brain cells and I use them. I can dance and have a variety of other talents. Unfortunately, I can’t find a boyfriend. I’ve tried everything – hook ups through friends, … Continue reading

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