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That word: I do not think it means what you think it means

Awww, bless this restaurant PR/menu writer’s heart: “The dining area has a quaint speakeasy vibe that host a small window, allowing guests an opportunity to peek into the kitchen to see Executive Chef [X] work his culinary magistry.” There are … Continue reading

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Reminder to take breaks

Friday got to be maybe a little too much. I have a high tolerance, but I’m starting to feel where the edge of maxing out begins. I needed to take a news break for some art and friends time. I’ll … Continue reading

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#NoBanNoWall #NewYorkWelcomesAll

Notes from the #NoBanNoWall protest rally in Battery Park, lower Manhattan: Unusual sign: “I am conservative. I am appalled” plus on the reverse side, Hebrew lettering alongside English reading “For You Were Strangers in the Land of Egypt” — an … Continue reading

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Another step closer to official declaration of war on 1st Amenment

Steve Bannon, who enjoys referring to himself as Darth Vader, and who celebrates trolls, is actually not talking to the NYTimes here. Instead, he is telling Americans, via a respected media org, that the media is the enemy and they … Continue reading

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A quick journalism master class

Wow, far beyond political journos, this piece by Ron Fournier for the Atlantic should be required reading for every journalism student, beat reporter, assignment editor, freelancer, PR pro, publicist, and consumer of news (which should include everyone else). This is … Continue reading

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“There was evening; there was morning: A first day.” — Arriving in Paris, July 30-31 2015

Departed JFK Thursday night, July 30, arrived in Paris Friday morning, July 31. It was a particularly brutal redeye for me. I’d woke up early and scrubbed, scoured and laundered my apartment from top to bottom so it would be … Continue reading

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Travel buddies – Paris 2015

A note on Mom as a travel companion: We get along very well generally, but this was the first time we’ve ever traveled together. I mean, it’s probably been decades since the five of us in our immediate family vacationed … Continue reading

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