Activist journalism wins over civil forfeiture — for once

We need some good news this morning. I am so glad to see there is a happy ending to this case of potentially heartbreaking injustice. There is no erasing in this man’s unnecessary trauma at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve, but I hope that he can move forward with success. Yes it was just money and not violence, and yes, greater injustices are not overcome. But on a morning where it’s been made crystal clear (again!) that our figures of authority have no shame or compunction against stealing the life savings of hard-working ordinary Americans, it’s a small comfort to see that they failed in at least one case.
Also: Civil forfeiture laws are abusive and unconscionable. Horror stories everywhere.

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Even in a Jones endorsement, it’s still about Moore?

When charisma and entertainment are the most important values in campaigning today, here’s what you get: A weak-sauce local endorsement that’s 3/4 “vote against the disgusting, offensive, embarrassing bad guy,” and at best 1/4 “vote for the good, solid, qualified man who is also an old white Christian (not scary! ) yet will fairly represent the whole electorate but admittedly isn’t very exciting.”
Hard to believe this is such a hard fight… And yet they can’t even muster rousing enthusiasm in their endorsement! It just ain’t right, y’all.
Ugh, this country.

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Robert E. Lee’s legacy is not ‘honorable,’ John Kelly

Here’s a catalogue of evils, succinctly put, regarding the Civil War / “Lost Cause” narrative — which is lies upon lies. But its promulgators are running at least 2/3 of the government right now and perhaps, soon, all three. We must fight whitewashing at every turn. We MUST reckon with history, and its many uncomfortable truths, so that even if we can never correct the sins of our ancestors, we can ourselves do better. It’s literally the very least we can do.

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The Bride of Frankenstein is a proto feminist icon

Last night, I watched the final scene of Bride of Frankenstein. Can you believe the Bride only appears in the final 5 minutes? Within mere minutes, Elsa Lanchester created an indelible character — literally an instant worldwide icon. (More on the full context and plot of the movie if you need it.)

ALSO this a fascinating allegory when placed in current social-justice context. To wit:
Yes, the lonely Monster just wanted a friend, which is sad and all BUT in a just world: 1) men cannot give women to each other, literally or figuratively 2) a man doesn’t get to unilaterally decide a woman is going to be in any relationship with him 3) a man does not get to blow shit up because a woman rejects him.

I’m keeping it very short, obviously, but it seems interesting to me. Obviously the makers of this film find the Monster to be most sympathetic, and he is. But what of the BRIDE!?! Animated without consent and moments later, while still confused, she is immediately handed off to someone with pre-formed ideas of what her role is to be in his life, and when she rejects him (likely out of fear) he declares, “She’s just like all the others, so we’re all going to die now.” And blows everything to smithereens.

That’s not too far-fetched of a fantasy monster narrative, now is it?

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Homegrown Nazi sympathizers flourish in the Garden

Yeah, it’s horrifying to see swastika iconography flanking a hagiographic George Washington; explicit calls for the formal establishment of strictly white, gentile control of America; little brown-shirted boys gleefully clapping and the crowd cheering as a Jewish protester is beaten by half a dozen men. Uniforms and flags, flags, flags… and yes, I know about the Bellamy salute, but what we’re looking at sure ain’t it. Here are 20,000 white supremacist fascism enthusiasts gathered in the heart of New York City, months after the Anschluss and Kristallnacht. They damn well knew what the Nazis were, what they were doing, what their goals were. This wasn’t an American civic pride party. It was an open declaration of desire for the U.S. to ally with Nazis… and just an early version of a still-living dream for millions of Americans today.
Really, is this gathering any different from MAGA rallies, from a year ago or last month? Calls from the podium to “get them out of here” inciting sucker punches and wistful references to being “very, very rough” on protesters in the “good old days”? Polo shirts and torches marching, repeatedly, on campuses? Candidates clearly announcing that the Christian Bible supersedes the Constitution while simultaneously denouncing “Sharia law”? And there are countless other valid comparisons that can be made.
Yes, this evidence is history, but it is not past. It is present and inevitably future — unless we look at it, reckon with it, name it, fight it. #resist
[And a standard warning to tread lightly in the comments for the video. I don’t think there is any point in engaging, but we must not pretend they don’t exist. Ignoring them does not actually make them go away.]
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“I asked you the question, but I already know the answer…”

This might be the most cogent and devastating segment I have ever seen from Elizabeth Warren. And that is reeaaally saying something. You have GOT to see her just draw and quarter this guy in a Senate hearing! Precise, polite and *ruthless*.

I will give outgoing Equifax CEO Richard Smith credit only in that he does not back down or equivocate under her laser-focused questions. He has nowhere to hide and he knows it.

PS: Watch it twice… the second time, enjoy the costumed hero in the gallery.

UPDATE: ALL HAIL Amanda Werner of Americans for Financial Reform and Public Citizen… The Monopoly Man character is part of a protest to draw attention to forced arbitration clauses that are used throughout the financial industry and limit consumers’ ability to take disputes to court. Elizabeth Warren spoke out about this shameless practice previously, arguing in favor of a new CFPB rule against it.
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I <3 That NASTY Mayor

OMG YOU GUYS look what Carmen Yulin Cruz wore for a Univision interview today!! Double slam: This “nasty woman” who was supposedly “told by Democrats she must be nasty to Trump”. The OVARIES ON HER while other leaders kiss ass in fear of a Toddler Trump tantrum thrown their way. ❤ ❤ ❤
Today I wish I spoke Spanish well enough to truly cherish what she had to say about the visit, et al.
Annndd then look what she wore for her turn on MSNBC the same day. Clearly the same shirt under a zip-front fleece, with the statement less necessary, I guess? 
Y’all, I am really looking forward to voting for her for federal office someday soon when her urgent work in PR is done. *fingers crossed she moves to New York to represent the large Puerto Rican population here… and me*
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