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Groovie Movie deserves another look

Attention all Lindy hoppers and Collegiate Shaggers!! Iris Dolowitz Tarou in San Francisco, recently posted a video showing lindy hoppers dancing on a translucent rooftop dancefloor — but the view was from below! All you see is disembodied and shadowy … Continue reading

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The Bride of Frankenstein is a proto feminist icon

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Last night, I watched the final scene of Bride of Frankenstein. Can you believe the Bride only appears in the final 5 minutes? Within mere minutes, Elsa Lanchester created an indelible character — literally an instant worldwide icon. … Continue reading

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Glamour belongs to anyone who chooses it

“Classic beauty” is bullshit. Glamour is a choice: It belongs to and suits anyone who wants it. It is not required of anyone or forbidden to anyone. Humanity is a constant; gender is a construct; femme is a choice. Beauty … Continue reading

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