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The Bride of Frankenstein is a proto feminist icon

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Last night, I watched the final scene of Bride of Frankenstein. Can you believe the Bride only appears in the final 5 minutes? Within mere minutes, Elsa Lanchester created an indelible character — literally an instant worldwide icon. … Continue reading

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That word: I do not think it means what you think it means

Awww, bless this restaurant PR/menu writer’s heart: “The dining area has a quaint speakeasy vibe that host a small window, allowing guests an opportunity to peek into the kitchen to see Executive Chef [X] work his culinary magistry.” There are … Continue reading

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Reminder to take breaks

Friday got to be maybe a little too much. I have a high tolerance, but I’m starting to feel where the edge of maxing out begins. I needed to take a news break for some art and friends time. I’ll … Continue reading

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Less on-the-job training, more like on-your-shoulders

The Chronicle of Higher Education, obviously not an impartial source, released a very interesting op-ed recently: In short, that more companies are expecting colleges and universities to graduate job-ready workers with certain career skills. Students (and probably more keenly, parents) … Continue reading

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Real estate value is relative

I am never moving. Yes, I’ve said this before and probably will say it again (hopefully not for a long, long time) … but that doesn’t change the sheer-terror-based sincerity of this statement today. Right now and for the next … Continue reading

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Versailles – Aug. 7 2015

Me and a few thousand international friends thought it would be a good idea to check out Chateau de Versailles, the iconic grand palace and grounds, built by the Sun King, Louis XIV, in the late 1600s, then transformed in … Continue reading

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Travel buddies – Paris 2015

A note on Mom as a travel companion: We get along very well generally, but this was the first time we’ve ever traveled together. I mean, it’s probably been decades since the five of us in our immediate family vacationed … Continue reading

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