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That word: I do not think it means what you think it means

Awww, bless this restaurant PR/menu writer’s heart: “The dining area has a quaint speakeasy vibe that host a small window, allowing guests an opportunity to peek into the kitchen to see Executive Chef [X] work his culinary magistry.” There are … Continue reading

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#NoBanNoWall #NewYorkWelcomesAll

Notes from the #NoBanNoWall protest rally in Battery Park, lower Manhattan: Unusual sign: “I am conservative. I am appalled” plus on the reverse side, Hebrew lettering alongside English reading “For You Were Strangers in the Land of Egypt” — an … Continue reading

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Another step closer to official declaration of war on 1st Amenment

Steve Bannon, who enjoys referring to himself as Darth Vader, and who celebrates trolls, is actually not talking to the NYTimes here. Instead, he is telling Americans, via a respected media org, that the media is the enemy and they … Continue reading

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O copy editors, we hardly knew ye

Jim Romenesko’s column is a town hall for newspaper folks and other journalists. Today’s was about a HUGE headline error, the most embarrassing kind because it’s literally also huge. A Louisiana paper misspelled Louisiana… in theory because the page itself … Continue reading

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Thanxx for nothin’

Measles alert on the evening news at for anyone who was at Palisades Center Mall in NJ on Sunday midday? Seriously, anti-vaxxers need to be shipped to some kind of island where they can enjoy all the preventable diseases they … Continue reading

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Need advice? Want a recommendation? Generally prefer secret-type communications? Email me!

I figured out a route for folks to contact me with exactly the amount of privacy they desire — without having to be WordPress members (which commenting usually requires) or having comments viewable by all. I’m not saying I’m super … Continue reading

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Overheard: Bolt Bus, NYC to Boston

Bolt Bus is a really nice, well-organized, tightly-run Greyhound subsidiary. But it’s still a bus. So, you have to brace for the worst. Usually, the “worst” is just mildly annoying, though sometimes amusing. Sometimes both! For example, on a recent … Continue reading

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