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Chocolate is not “junk food” — it’s a luxury product. Treat it like one.

This video is only 6 minutes, please watch it if you eat chocolate. Very thought-provoking. I personally will never again buy anything but certified fair trade, if not also organic, chocolate (including encouraging restaurants to source their supplies). I should … Continue reading

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Need advice? Want a recommendation? Generally prefer secret-type communications? Email me!

I figured out a route for folks to contact me with exactly the amount of privacy they desire — without having to be WordPress members (which commenting usually requires) or having comments viewable by all. I’m not saying I’m super … Continue reading

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Overmedicated meat

I can’t tell you that you shouldn’t eat meat. But if you do, I urge you to eat better quality meat from responsibly raised, properly fed animals (organic, for example). Yes, it’s more expensive and harder to find. But meat … Continue reading

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