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Certified baloney!! (Bye-bye Roy Moore… for now at least)

I think this story is rather important: Roy Moore still refuses to concede the Alabama special Senate race, and in fact tried to call “shenanigans” on the whole election. It’s baloney, of course, and now it’s officially been ruled baloney. … Continue reading

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Fire hazard safety reminder!!

Do you practice basic fire safety? Do you have an escape plan and “go bag” with insurance and overnight essentials if you need to leave your home suddenly? Is your renters or homeowners insurance policy current? I was awakened this … Continue reading

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Where I was when the (Roll) Tide turned

Tonight I had the honor of being in the audience for Taylor Mac’s Holiday Sauce show at Town Hall. It was a magnificent show, as to be expected. I can speak more about that another time. But when the transcendent … Continue reading

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Rightwing “pro-Israel” advocates mostly are not, actually.

[Post in progress… this is a placeholder because I need to develop this further when I get a chance, but it’s worth including this iceberg-tip here.] It’s essential to stay constantly aware that “pro Israel” right-wing U.S. policies have NOTHING … Continue reading

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Activist journalism wins over civil forfeiture — for once

We need some good news this morning. I am so glad to see there is a happy ending to this case of potentially heartbreaking injustice. There is no erasing in this man’s unnecessary trauma at the hands of those sworn … Continue reading

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