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The irony of religious zealots dismissing each other’s particular evangelism

Cognitive dissonance and cultural identity whiplash: Passageway in the verrrry busy Times Square subway station. I pass a guy wearing kippah and tallit, standing next to a sign describing the principles of “Messianic Judaism” — which is actually a fringe … Continue reading

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Glamour belongs to anyone who chooses it

“Classic beauty” is bullshit. Glamour is a choice: It belongs to and suits anyone who wants it. It is not required of anyone or forbidden to anyone. Humanity is a constant; gender is a construct; femme is a choice. Beauty … Continue reading

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Smile pretty, baby

Regarding:¬†Lawmaker Tells Woman Staffer to “Smile for Us” on the Texas House Floor “Stickland commented on how Sluyter hasn’t been smiling enough lately, and chuckled with fellow far-right Rep. Tony Tinderholt, who was standing behind him. Sluyter, who was selected … Continue reading

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