A war criminal in the civil rights struggle escapes justice — and we learn this on Holocaust Remembrance Day?!

White supremacy is pure evil. It is toxic and poisons us all. The Emmett Till murder has long been a prime example.

First there was the miscarriage of justice in his murderers’ trial. Then later, they confessed their guilt, and were never punished, instead actually being *compensated* for fessing up.

But now there’s a new turn of the screw: The lying, remorseless, heartless woman who made up some total shit that resulted in a boy being tortured to death, definitely perjured herself, as has been suspected. She has admitted it was all false and Emmett didn’t deserve his fate, and yet she gets to live to old age, and still be protected, not only by her despicable family but by the author/reporter who gained her admission … in *2007*.

Why are we hearing this now? Because there’s finally a finished book to sell, of course!

“ ‘That case went a long way toward ruining her life,’ [author] Tyson contends, explaining that she could never escape its notoriety.”

RUINED *HER* LIFE?!? Really??!! Wow ain’t that sad? FUCK HER AND FUCK YOU TOO. She should be pulled out of hiding and tried for perjury and die in jail, like ancient ex nazis tried for war crimes in their final years.

Damn, I am heated. If she was actually remorseful, if she had come to appreciate the horror she inflicted, and was willing to speak of that time, or how she could have thought that way, or tried to give insight, or change anything at all, I would not say so. But no, she hides and obviously has not repented. She might think the “old system of white supremacy was wrong” aka ubiquitous legal segregation, but she clearly doesn’t think the ongoing, informal version is all that bad. I am deeply disgusted by her cowardice, and the complicity of everyone around her, pulling the impenetrable blanket of whiteness close and snug and keeping her safe.


ALSO:  I am painfully aware of how this Holocaust Remembrance Day especially must be shared with black Americans and refugees. (And every Remembrance Day with the homosexuals, Romani, disabled ((mentally and physically)), Communists and other political prisoners and many more… perhaps 5 million “others.”) It’s why I don’t overstate the 6 Million when I speak of the Holocaust. Our genocide was real, but we were not alone.

Jews not only should “never forget”… We also must never forget we are not alone in genocide, persecution, and oppression throughout American history, and around the world today. 


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Semi-snarky, semi-sincere, occasionally ranting, always paying attention. Feminist who can work a skirt and crack a joke. Grammar nerd who is also fun at parties. Mid-career writer/editor with 15 years’ experience in newspapers & magazines who now helps developers at a major media corporation communicate with the suits who write the checks. Pro-women, pro-family, pro-choice, pro-workingclass, pro-entrepreneur, pro-farmer. Like every other bourgeois Brooklynite, I choose local/organic/raw food — mostly vegetables — whenever possible/reasonable/affordable but I’m not a smug asshole about it. Hometown: Atlanta. Weird hobby: lindy hop. No pets, no kids, no thanks.
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