Still “tired of hearing about the damn emails”?

Regarding the instantly infamous leak of DNC emails:

I just can’t be upset about the DNC personnel wanting to run the game for a lifetime team-playing Democrat, versus a long-time, strongly self-identified Independent who just recently decided he wanted to pursue the Democratic Party nomination with all its financial and institutional support, rather than take the more difficult (and likely more divisive) third-party route.

Look, the DNC folks didn’t do almost everything they thought up… The leaks are basically notes from an extended brainstorming session. Yes, they reveal the private thoughts of professional Democratic Party operatives (who OBVIOUSLY are biased to their team player!! Duh!), but I put more credence in what was actually published and pushed by the HRC campaign. Ultimately she and they didn’t want to hit too low and so they didn’t. But brainstorming is brainstorming, and campaigning is campaigning.

I think this is a case of confirmation bias. If you think DNC is corrupt and the election was/is stolen, here’s a bunch more facts that you can now take as rock-solid evidence. I don’t see it that way and therefore am not so persuaded.

It’s clear why Bernie partisans are angry. (Though Jane Sanders herself wrote that she, Bernie, and their strategists did the math and even allowing for bias, their bid for the nomination was ultimately going to fail.) But why is there so much egg on the DNC and Hillary partisans’ faces? Well, I think the Democratic/left ethos of concensus-building (to a fault) just doesn’t like the idea of favoritism, even privately. Like Mom and Dad always should pretend they don’t have a favorite even when they obviously do.

Tangentially: I don’t think the RNC and their partisans would be in the same situation. First, RNC is not as cohesive an organization as DNC. But more importantly, the Right seems to respond more positively to these kinds of wargames and dominance plays.

And why is Hillary the clear DNC favorite? Well partially because she has been the clear favorite for so long, in a self-fulfilling prophecy. She has been the front-runner for 2016 the moment she conceded in 2008. Therefore, our Democratic leadership pipeline got realllly weak because everyone assumed HRC and the massive HRC money machine (of which the DNC is only a part) was going to steamroll everyone who tried to step forward. No one wanted to say boo for years! Unlike the Right, the Left didn’t see entering the race as an obvious get-money game for book tours, speaking gigs, TV punditry, personal gain, etc. So everyone was in stasis while she publicly ditherered and demurred. Of course, the whole establishment was pretty annoyed she waited so long to formally announce, but there were strong reasons she didn’t and shouldn’t have done it any sooner. God knows the campaign season is already too long.

I suspect the next cycle(s) will be very lively with Dems who have been training and prepping for a more open field. That probably means at least eight years, since she will be (SHE WILL BE, RIGHT?!!!?) the literal incumbent, not just the figurative one as in the past eight. And also more unfortunately, the electorate most likely won’t be willing to go for yet another Democrat after 16 years holding the office, so really I’m making, like, a prediction about the 2036 race. And yes, that assumes she wins both terms, which I hope she does, but yeah it’s all make-believe now anyway.

Next, regarding the deposing of Debbie Wasserman Schultz: I think DWS should have gone underground for a little while, though. She’s irritating on a good day, and showing up like “what, me worry?” at her big meeting with DNC megabosses Sunday (DWS: “I think I can weather this” DNC: “lol no”) and then again putting on a happy face at the Florida delegation breakfast Monday was more proof of her tone-deafness. I am also not thrilled that HRC not only put out a statement of support but also gave her an honorary job plus a high-profile announcement of said job.

But it’s the first day of the DNC convention, so the timing is very very very difficult and tricky and I can allow that maybe I’m not the target demo for these actions. I know they looked at the optics through every prism they could imagine last night. It’s all political theater, sadly, but our current systems demand it.

BTW, here I’ll go ahead and repeat my ideal preference would be exclusively publicly funded elections at all levels. This whole massive get-money game is the root of all electoral and governmental evil. Not sure how we’re ever going to get out of it.


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