My anti Mississippi House Bill 1523 tweetstorm 4/5/16 (only edits: abbreviations, links now spelled out)

EVIL, extensive new MS law needs fastpass to Supreme Court #‎shameonMS‬ ‪#‎BoycottMississippi‬ ‪#‎NoDiscrimination‬ ‪#‎LGBTrights‬ (Report from Logo)

AGAIN state LAW targets not only queer people but ANYONE outside very narrow traditional Christianity! Probably you too. Read the bill

It’s not about “hate cake”! Medicine, employment, housing, vulnerable kids, all now in danger because of MS “freedom” law. Read the bill

I guess 2014 pro-discrimination law wasn’t enough: MS wants to retake #1 Hate State status from NC? ‪#‎SHAME (Details from The Advocate)

MS HB 1523 effective 7/1. We must PREVENT state’s OK on discrimination by individuals, businesses & orgs including hospitals, schools, shelters!

Ally challenge! Legal fights=expensive. I sent $ to Human Rights Campaign & @ACLU_MS @ACLU to fight MS HB1523 Donate and learn more: https://t.co/8bujMlybzC & https://t.co/L4fxJEn98Y


Sidenote: A friend commented essentially “why would anyone go to Mississippi?” so I replied: “I’m terribly worried for Missisippians living there. Not everyone can just leave a bad place. Mississippi has the highest percentage of families with gay parents in the US. It’s because of an intersection of all the social reasons that people have children too early, and because of why people stay closeted in their younger years. So queer folks stay closeted, have children, and come out eventually and there are now children to raise. This must be incredibly terrifying for all those gay parents. It’s heartbreaking. (Citation.)






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Semi-snarky, semi-sincere, occasionally ranting, always paying attention. Feminist who can work a skirt and crack a joke. Grammar nerd who is also fun at parties. Mid-career writer/editor with 15 years’ experience in newspapers & magazines who now helps developers at a major media corporation communicate with the suits who write the checks. Pro-women, pro-family, pro-choice, pro-workingclass, pro-entrepreneur, pro-farmer. Like every other bourgeois Brooklynite, I choose local/organic/raw food — mostly vegetables — whenever possible/reasonable/affordable but I’m not a smug asshole about it. Hometown: Atlanta. Weird hobby: lindy hop. No pets, no kids, no thanks.
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