Alabama demonstrates inherent injustice of “voter ID” laws — first requiring driver licenses, then closing DMV offices in key black-majority counties

Alabama just decided to close 31 DMV satellite offices. Nobody will miss the DMV, amirite? Wrong! Last year, Alabama also decided that a driver’s license or a “special ID” (list included here) is required for all voters.

And what demographic is disproportionately affected by these closures? GUESS. “Every single county in which blacks make up more than 75 percent of registered voters will see their driver license office closed. Every one.

Yeah, they really aren’t bothering with the metaphoric dog whistle anymore are they??‘s initial news story on this move buries the “required voter ID” angle quite deep, equating the closures with parks and other agency cuts.

But this op-ed gets it right. One person, one vote? Not in Alabama, where black folks STILL don’t quite count as people, it seems. (Also, isn’t it funny how — according to the news story — only new licenses will be stopped by the offices’ closure … ID renewals won’t be affected. Huh.)

(I’m also seeing that the renewal fee is being raised to $36.25. That seems like a lot!! I’ve never heard of a license costing that much. I can see that being an obstacle to the poorest residents. Very sad.)

The only bright side here is that I’m really happy to see public commentary by Alabamans on this outrage.

SHAME on Alabama legislators!!!


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