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“There was evening; there was morning: A first day.” — Arriving in Paris, July 30-31 2015

Departed JFK Thursday night, July 30, arrived in Paris Friday morning, July 31. It was a particularly brutal redeye for me. I’d woke up early and scrubbed, scoured and laundered my apartment from top to bottom so it would be … Continue reading

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Travel buddies – Paris 2015

A note on Mom as a travel companion: We get along very well generally, but this was the first time we’ve ever traveled together. I mean, it’s probably been decades since the five of us in our immediate family vacationed … Continue reading

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Accommodations via apartment swap — Paris 2015

The backstory on this trip: A few months ago, Jodie, who I know from Atlanta but is now living in London, asked if I could host her Parisian friend, Lina, while she was in NYC for two months over the … Continue reading

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“A new day in South Carolina” = “That’s not black progress. That’s white progress.”

OK it is done. That nasty Confederate battle flag will fly one last night on South Carolina’s statehouse grounds and then be consigned to a museum, which is the only place where it belongs. Y’all know I have some thoughts … Continue reading

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