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Not all ageism battles are equal, especially in Hollywood

We all saw this, right? Maggie Gyllenhaal was told she was “too old” to be a romantic interest for some unidentified 55 year old Hollywood he-man with the ego of an infant. (OR some executive who thinks everyone has his … Continue reading

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Unmistakable, inexcusable erasure (and I don’t mean the awesome gay electronica duo that practically soundtracked my college years)

OK, some of my friends are big comic (and related media) fans. And I know none of you are idiot sexists. But maybe some of you may think that feminists are oversensitive to issues such as gendering toys and the … Continue reading

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Drawing Muhammad for fun and profit

“Gunmen shot dead in Texas after opening fire outside Prophet Muhammad cartoon show” The event was called the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest” probably because “haha fuck you Muslims and everything you stand for and care about …’Murica!!” is tricky … Continue reading

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I celebrate Marilyn Mosby, as well as the Baltimore officers’ indictments

Marilyn Mosby represents a watershed moment in American justice: She is an elected DA, from a family of several cops, married to a councilman — AND she is a black woman who was raised by a single mother in the … Continue reading

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Straight thuggin’ in Baltimore

Tell me who the thugs are in this video?! The revolution will be televised!! And here by CNN — not some cellphone camera. Seriously! What is the call for the riot-gear phalanx? Everyone else hiding at home because of a … Continue reading

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