At least this cop had lousy aim, so … yay??

This is one of the most grotesque examples of cop apologism I have EVER seen (not cop apologia, heaven forbid!). Shame on the LA times. I AM PISSED.

1) “[This (near-)] tragedy underscored the need to clamp down on the sale of replica and pellet guns that often look nearly indistinguishable from actual weapons” — OK, as long as we do not clamp down in any way on the sales of actual weapons, on any local/state/federal level, amirite? ‘MERICA!

2) “We train these officers to make split-second, life-or-death decisions,” said Steve Soboroff, president of the city’s Police Commission. “When they have a gun pointed at them, there is no time to think, ‘Is that real or a toy? Is the guy 15 or is he 25?'”

YES THERE IS TIME FOR BOTH THESE ASSESSMENTS AND SEVERAL OTHERS… unless of course you have zero interest in preserving the life/lives of the other people around you.

3) “How about not configuring them to have the exact dimensions and machining as a real gun?” — oh you mean like shoving a bright orange button on the end of it? Also lots of real guns are pink now. (and pink and purple and camo and woodgrain….) Heyyyy ladies!!

4) “Three black guys and a Hispanic — it looks wrong,” [teenager recalled a cop saying]. Yeah in LA? young Blacks and Latinos fraternizing, perhaps having met in school? That’s just crazy. Obviously gang warfare.

5) “Don’t let your children carry these guns; especially don’t let them play with them outside,” said Cmdr. Andrew Smith. “We could have had a fatal tragedy here.” — Also, young people of color, don’t be unarmed and not holding anything resembling a gun. Don’t retrieve anything from a pocket. Don’t walk around with hands in pockets. Don’t surrender with empty hands up in the air. You know what? Just… don’t go outside ever.

(Holy shit. This is some amazing tone-deafness.)



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