Reactionary Tea Party gov in Kansas does not understand how civil rights progress works

GRRRRR.  “HER unilateral action was bad, but MINE is good!” says asshole governor, repealing his predecessor’s protections for state’s queer public employees. More proof that the Right’s actions are rooted in far baser and more hateful motivations than mere “free market” and “corporate rights”… neither this move nor his Dem predecessor’s affect private enterprise — only taxpayer-funded jobs. And I don’t see a repeal in the state income tax for LGBT+ Kansans, so fuck this guy and his whole cohort. I am *furious*. People came out at work because they were protected and now are exposed to discrimination, harrassment and firings. Absolutely outrageous.

Happy to see that the Kansas City Star’s news reporting, editorial board and readers are all howling about this move. It’s a battleground there, and I wish its progressives strength in the fight.


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Semi-snarky, semi-sincere, occasionally ranting, always paying attention. Feminist who can work a skirt and crack a joke. Grammar nerd who is also fun at parties. Mid-career writer/editor with 15 years’ experience in newspapers & magazines who now helps developers at a major media corporation communicate with the suits who write the checks. Pro-women, pro-family, pro-choice, pro-workingclass, pro-entrepreneur, pro-farmer. Like every other bourgeois Brooklynite, I choose local/organic/raw food — mostly vegetables — whenever possible/reasonable/affordable but I’m not a smug asshole about it. Hometown: Atlanta. Weird hobby: lindy hop. No pets, no kids, no thanks.
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