Persecution vs persecution complex

A smart friend recently posted a story about this Oregon business, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, with this commentary:

I get so annoyed by business owners who don’t seem to understand how capitalism works. It’s nasty and brutal. It’s not fair. And expect the gloves to come off when you piss off customers (you know, when you “politely” reject them because you consider their relationship an abomination). Whatever “first amendment” right you have to say this to a customer, you have no protection against their unleashing holy hell on you and crushing your business in the iron fist of capitalism. So, yes, expect the other vendors you work with (some of whom might be gay!) to hear about this and voluntarily choose not to work with you. Expect your referral system to suffer. Also, consider reading a history book because these very same tactics are what helped end segregation. The precedent is not in your favor.

(Here’s another local news roundup, with many links for context.)

I responded: “Here’s why these people richly deserve to go out of business. Fuck’em.”

Because it’s the same as that ol’ “Dr. Laura” letter. (Which has the fullest Snopes article I’ve ever seen, with gorgeous detail and plenty of shaaaade.) Picking and choosing your religious precepts based on the parts you personally find icky is reprehensible on its own, but then crying *literally crying* persecution when the society you’re trying to do business with (get money from) holds you to account for your own acts of discrimination?? FUCK YOU. Go bankrupt. Let your children ask you why you’re bankrupt. Maybe you’ll have to try to find a job(S) in this awesome economy. Good luck with that. Ask your family and your church to support you in your time of self-created need — see how much success you have feeding yourselves by relying on private charity vs “entitlement programs” and how the social safety net really works in this country. (I predict, not so well.) Go on public assistance and understand for the first time that supplementary nutrition programs aren’t just for “lazy” “takers” and “welfare queens”. Mingle with those who are truly facing challenges out of their own control, you whiny, overprivileged, entitled assholes. Perhaps, just perhaps, at some point, you’ll examine yourselves & your true place in this world, humble yourselves, apologize sincerely, vow to go forward and tend your own gardens and be nonjudgmental, kind and fair. I’d say pray on it, but praying on it is what got you into this mess, so maybe just use your brains not your faith to get yourselves out of it.

Ugh, blatant oblivious hypocrisy and completely baseless persecution complexes make me so angry.

Some semi-literate fundamentalist fool piped in with this:

so refreshing to see all the tolerance with the f bombs in the comments. nice touch. years ago you all were complaining that some Christians were trying to push their beliefs on you and you cried “unfair”. But now you want to push your abomination of a life style onto the Christians and when they cry fowl you drop f bombs at them. such tolerance. such hypocrites. go find a store that likes you and leave the intolerant Christian business alone. If they have enough other Christian customers to survive in the market place, why do you even care? I can hardly wait for all the fu comments to follow.

As I was forming a response to what was clearly partially directed at me, another person I don’t know personally offered:

It has long been established in this country that the government has the right to enforce anti-discrimination laws, even where people claim that they have a religious objection to certain members of protected classes. Another basic rights lesson – you only have individual rights insofar as your rights do not infringe on someone else’s rights. For example, this “religious objection” argument was rejected when overturning bans on interracial marriage.

Finally, I replied:

I’m not going to say ‘fu’ to [Mr. Fundamentalist Fool] because I fully support his right to say anything he likes. Also because he seems eager for someone to do so. (Not sure how he wound here; gotta admit I’m curious, but only idly so.) His timing is especially interesting considering that [above comment] presciently addressed his opinions. To add to her point, no one is pushing any lifestyle onto anyone personally, merely asserting the consumers’ legal rights and holding the business owners accountable to their legal responsibilities. That’s why we care; because we live in a society and we believe in liberty and justice for all. Also [Mr. FF] seems to profoundly misunderstand the concept of “fair”. We “cried ‘unfair’ ” because these business practices are definitively “not fair” and in fact quite arbitrary, as illustrated by the Willamette Week report. Finally, I have no interest in tolerating intolerance, and illegal intolerance at that, so your weak attempt at sarcastically shaming me bears all the power of the Wicked Witch of the West in Munchkinland (yes, that’s a Judy Garland shout out, y’all!).

Side comment inspired by watching this video of baker Melissa Klein and her crocodile tears:

If they chose me to do their cake… *sob sniffle* I would just feel so honored to be a part of their amazing special day… [unless they were icky gays, then I wouldn’t want anyone to know I had the stain of Satan on mememememe, because it’s kind of about them but really it’s all about me, and also I am not creative enough to think up cake designs including two vaginas — made of fondant? marzipan? ugh, so difficult! — on top because obviously, that’s all I can imagine lesbians would want because icky gay].”
(Thought bubble paraphrased.)


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