What’s the big deal about Isabella Blow?

Obscure and unknown to most the world, one of the most influential and inspiring figures in turn-of-millennium fashion was a Brit named Isabella Blow. There are few genuinely original and unique people in this world, but she was unquestionably sui generis.

An Australian fashion student whose design focus is — refreshingly — the mature woman has written a beautiful brief-yet-comprehensive tribute to Blow, with an excellent array of photos that demonstrate why is was (and is) so celebrated among the style cognescenti. (I say “style” and not just “fashion” intentionally.)

I do not wish to mimic her, only to be inspired by her, to find my own authentic expressions throughout my life, and to support and encourage greatness wherever I can. That’s her legacy. RIP.


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Semi-snarky, semi-sincere, occasionally ranting, always paying attention. Feminist who can work a skirt and crack a joke. Grammar nerd who is also fun at parties. Mid-career writer/editor with 15 years’ experience in newspapers & magazines who now helps developers at a major media corporation communicate with the suits who write the checks. Pro-women, pro-family, pro-choice, pro-workingclass, pro-entrepreneur, pro-farmer. Like every other bourgeois Brooklynite, I choose local/organic/raw food — mostly vegetables — whenever possible/reasonable/affordable but I’m not a smug asshole about it. Hometown: Atlanta. Weird hobby: lindy hop. No pets, no kids, no thanks.
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