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In defense of loud, proud, peacocky disco fashion

This Buzzfeed post highlights a Twitter feed called “Fashion Wankers” and it just goes to show that sexy people are sexy no matter what you put them in! Although I do pay attention to contemporary fashion and LOOOOOVE high-end design … Continue reading

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Of course Wal-Mart could pay a living wage. It won’t.

A friend of mine posted this tidy little Upworthy video. It’s worth a look but if you don’t feel like watching, the crux of its argument is that Wal-Mart could pay its workers a living wage (30 hours a week, … Continue reading

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Black Victorians

Good ignorance-abatement moment today. Funny what you never think about until someone points it out. Of course ordinary Americans are all familiar with portrayals of enslaved, oppressed, or otherwise struggling black people of the 1800s. But we also probably can … Continue reading

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Smithsonian must-dos

Someone recently solicited opinions on favorite and most interesting Washington DC/Smithsonian institutions. My response: I love modern art, so the Hirshhorn is always a total must-do for me. Also agree American History has super fun collections. But I found the Museum … Continue reading

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Newly unfettered freedom to “give”

So this latest Supreme Court ruling was basically inevitable after Citizens United. After all: If politically and financially, corporations are people, then rich people are definitely people. Of course, politically and financially, this further establishes that poor people are barely … Continue reading

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