Rape is rape, even when the victim is male and the assailant isn’t

Equal rights real talk: Some women disregard consent, commit domestic violence and sexually manipulate/control men. That is rape. (article: “When a guy is “made to penetrate” a female, is it rape? Long-suffering male victims are turning to Reddit to break their silence.”)

Plus, we can and should take the stats cited in this article with a grain of salt. The subject is terribly under-studied and inestimably under-reported and so many such numbers are somewhat speculative. What’s important to me is consciousness raising about the concept: Changing the perception that men can’t be sexually assaulted by women; promoting the idea that men are 100% entitled to full bodily autonomy; and diminishing the concept that masculinity = denial/disregard of honest emotions and reactions. This conversation needs to happen a lot more often, across the spectrum of society. It has HUGE repercussions that we are barely starting to understand. One example: This perception is directly connected to the jokey reactions of female-teacher/male-student sexual exploitation … like as if no boy can be assaulted or abused by a female authority because *of course* he wants the sex all the time, from anyone. But no, that’s not true at all. We need to stop pretending women can’t be predators and men can’t be their victims.

Adding new research/commentary: When men are raped


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