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ASPIRE to end domestic violence — even toward just one person

I hope none of you, nor your loved ones, will ever be in an abusive situation. But I know it’s entirely possible. You may not even realize it. So it’s essential we all talk about help that’s available if we … Continue reading

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You also can fool some of the people some of the time — but that don’t make it right

When is calling out GOP tactics, you know it’s bad. “The worst part of all – besides the blatant deception and malice for the electorate – is that fact that since it has been exposed, the NRCC has stated … Continue reading

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Thanxx for nothin’

Measles alert on the evening news at for anyone who was at Palisades Center Mall in NJ on Sunday midday? Seriously, anti-vaxxers need to be shipped to some kind of island where they can enjoy all the preventable diseases they … Continue reading

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