Even in art, sometimes there IS a “right” way and a “wrong” way!

Re: The American Songbook. I appreciate that the standards can be interpreted by anyone, and the songs are strong enough to endure a wide range of treatments. But some just fail, period. For example, “Goody Goody” should not suffer the indignity of a super-sweet girl trio — I don’t care how lovely your harmonizing is. If you can’t deliver it with cheery yet bitter glee, you are doing it wrong, dammit. Respect the song!!!

I went and found some great examples to fix the sugary shit I just heard on “music choice” TV.

* Frankie Lymon killin it with a Cheshire-cat grin and some sweet moves.

* I like this super-sassy “Three Tons of Joy” lead/backup structure (rather than 3-headed lady harmonic).

* Old radio fans will love this “Your Hit Parade” episode, but I like that the instruments really get to shine in the Goody Goody rendition right at the top.

* Yes this is a girl trio, but at least they got the attitude right and OMG Benny Goodman was still blowing in 1980!!


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