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“I have been taught accommodation”

Apparently, as a child I was largely ignorant of both overt and subtle social messages. Though this cluelessness left me awkward and confused sometimes, I am now immensely grateful. For though I may now lack innate sensitivity, empathy and emotional … Continue reading

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I like Ike — and his awesome Republican healthcare plan!

Found this today as support for an argument. It’s ASTONISHING. Progressives, PLEASE take 10-15 minutes asap to read this statement by Republican president/career military man/mid-century conformist/privileged old white dude Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower in 1955. Apparently, the Affordable Care Act … Continue reading

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Fashion pioneer and her Fashion Fair

Let us discuss today Eunice Johnson, whose story is important for all students of history — American, African-American, feminist, fashion, or political.

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Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! (formerly known as Columbus Day)

Thanks to some previous historical re-education, I knew Christopher Columbus was basically awful, like so many “explorers” and conquistadors, but I didn’t quite know the extent of his evil (aka Columbus was a horrorshow on the order of Ghengis Khan, … Continue reading

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