Say my name! (…or don’t, doesn’t mean very much to me anyway)

Just officially confirmed with the Social Security Administration what I’ve unofficially suspected for years: “Amy” was among the *top 5 most common* girls’ names for the entire ’70s. I once counted all the Amys of my personal acquaintance in high school and I think it topped 16. No wonder I’ve never felt attached to my own given name…. and probably why pretty much everyone I know (including me!) refers to me by my full name most of the time… including in the name of my blog!

Curious? Here ya go: Social Security Administration’s baby names database

UPDATE! Jezebel presents this info with a nifty animated map graphic.


About amywinns

Semi-snarky, semi-sincere, occasionally ranting, always paying attention. Feminist who can work a skirt and crack a joke. Grammar nerd who is also fun at parties. Mid-career writer/editor with 15 years’ experience in newspapers & magazines who now helps developers at a major media corporation communicate with the suits who write the checks. Pro-women, pro-family, pro-choice, pro-workingclass, pro-entrepreneur, pro-farmer. Like every other bourgeois Brooklynite, I choose local/organic/raw food — mostly vegetables — whenever possible/reasonable/affordable but I’m not a smug asshole about it. Hometown: Atlanta. Weird hobby: lindy hop. No pets, no kids, no thanks.
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