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The Once and Future

As much as the Royal Family touches my life (ie, not at all), I’m quite disappointed it’s a boy. A girl would have been a major historic moment. Instead we’re still status quo for another royal generation. I’m not excited … Continue reading

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My $.02 on George Zimmerman

… because we all have opinions, don’t we? (The following is adapted by a very long and multifaceted Facebook discussion, but I repost only my own thoughts here.) Actually astonished (and sickened) by the Zimmerman verdict; I guess I’m not … Continue reading

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Glimpse of Athens

This New York Times slideshow doesn’t capture the Athens of my college years, nor, I suspect, does it fully capture the Athens of today (though hardly urban or diverse, it canNOT be *quite* this bleached and hipsterized), but these photos … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Bus 2 — The Return: Boston to NYC

I arrived on time Sunday afternoon at South Station, got in line, no problem. I know the Bolt routine. I board & take an aisle seat near the front. I watch the boarding queue inside the terminal to assess my … Continue reading

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Overheard: Bolt Bus, NYC to Boston

Bolt Bus is a really nice, well-organized, tightly-run Greyhound subsidiary. But it’s still a bus. So, you have to brace for the worst. Usually, the “worst” is just mildly annoying, though sometimes amusing. Sometimes both! For example, on a recent … Continue reading

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