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Let them just be friends, willya?

Look, I am a longtime, to the bone, activist/donor, LGBTQ ally. I am not even going to articulate that further, as it cheapens the principle. This image has been popping up all over my newsfeed: But c’mon, can’t Bert … Continue reading

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Made a dozen wrong turns on my walk home thru Prospect Park, finding myself in spots where it was very, very dark and I was very, very alone. I took note of my urbanite reaction to unexpected solitude… as I … Continue reading

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Man of Suck.

Saw “Man of Steel.” Surprised to find my jaw hurting at the end. Apparently, I was so angry and annoyed throughout that I was gritting my teeth the whole time. Here come many bitchy spoilers, so consider yourself warned. I’m … Continue reading

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The birth of “Advice from Atalanta”

I have been involved with a hobby-based community for many years. (Not a secret, just not worth specifying here.) I was very active on a national discussion board associated with that community, which unfortunately has seen a sharp drop in … Continue reading

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Bud Light Straw-ber-ita is a thing that now exists.

Bud Light Straw-ber-ita is a thing that now exists. It combines all the goodness of Bud Light Lime and margarita mix flavoring. Bud Light Lime wasn’t vile enough?? It sounds to me like the ultimate anti-beer. Like, if a can … Continue reading

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Chilling out at home

YAAAAASSSSS!! 50+lb. portable air conditioner bought, transported home via MTA and a cart, unboxed, installed, operated, moved from one room to another and back, and fully functional — all in one very warm day with no help! Woot! I am … Continue reading

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